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Humility of Mary Housing

Before our 2018 merger, Humility of Mary Housing was a separate organization that worked closely with Humility of Mary Shelter to provide stable housing to families, veterans, and individuals facing homelessness in the Quad Cities. Founded in 1990 by the The Congregation (Sisters) of the Humility of Mary, HMH began with a 4-plex housing mothers and their babies, and expanded to helping approximately 80 families a year.

Joint Annual Report 2016-2017

FY 2015 Annual Report

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Humility of Mary Shelter

18 years after the founding of Humility of Mary Housing, the same congregation saw a need for an emergency shelter, and began Humility of Mary Shelter to meet that need. HMS responded directly to homelessness, providing service and support to individuals in the Quad Cities who need it most. A variety of shelter projects, from overnight stays to permanent housing for the chronically homeless, help break the cycle of homelessness.

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