Humility Homes Podcasts

HHSI is launching a monthly podcast to raise awareness and generate local solutions to the Quad Cities housing crisis. 

HHSI is committed to sustaining the podcast from which the community is invited to share the QC entrepreneurial spirit to end homelessness and make sure everyone has a place to call home. 

Here is the schedule: 

June - “Housing as the Foundation for a Successful Community” Guests - Sister Mary Ann Vogel, CHM, Heidi Parkhurst, Ashley Velez

July - Housing is health! Guests - Josie Williams, Leslie Kilgannon, and Henry Marquard

August - Affordable Housing and Stable Schools — Our community and children need both. Guests - Amanda Puebla and Dr. Jake Klipsch

September - Housing is a civil right.

October - Housing means better nutrition.

November - Housing and veterans.

December - Housing and economic mobility.


More Information on Monthly Podcasts

June Podcast Presenters

HHSI's inaugural podcast is a discussion about the housing programs and services offered over the combined 40 years of Humility of Mary Housing and Humility of Mary Shelter. Presenters discuss the benefits that stable housing provide individual households and overall community.

"Children do not deserve to hear and see what they hear and see in their young lives. We can offer better."

Sister Mary Ann Vogel

July Podcast Presenters

Josie Williams, Project Coordinator, Greensboro Housing Coalition

Leslie Kilgannon, Executive Director, Quad Cities Housing Cluster

Henry Marquard, Government and Community Relations Officer, Genesis Health Systems


2018 Community Health Assessment Findings

Why managing chronic health conditions begins at home

August Presenters

Amanda Puebla with the Rocky Resource Room and Moline Public Schools

Dr. Jake Klipsch, Program Director, School Climate Transformation, Davenport Community Schools