Participant Advisory Board

All HHSI services are participant-centered and always striving to make our services relevant to our participants’ daily lives. The Participant Advisory Board is the platform from which participant's share their experiences and opinions about HHSI's programs and services.

Board Members

Johanna Rickl, CHM - Board Chair

Sister Johanna works to strengthen the board committees of Humility Homes and Services, Inc.; she believes a strong board will continue developing new ways to provide a home for every person and nurture a just and caring local community.

Mary Ann Vogel, CHM - Vice Chair, Founding Member

Sister Mary Ann is committed to providing the basic needs, including, clothing and shelter for all people.  She embraces the vision of a home for every person and is especially passionate about making a difference in the lives of children.  She is interested in seeing these efforts grow through wise stewardship of resources and with the commitment of all board members.

Anabel Lee Flaherty - Psychiatric Nurse

Anabel is well acquainted with the suffering of disadvantaged individuals.  Working with HHSI allows her to bring her talents to the board and finance committee to help relieve suffering in our community.

Michael J. Kelly, MD - family physician

Bud sees the goal of ending homelessness as a big step in the path of returning people to health.  He is proud to be associated with this passionate group of professionals working to put people in homes and providing services to improve their overall wellness.

Dr. Lloyd C. Kilmer - Administrator, Retired Teacher 

Lloyd’s current volunteer and consulting work focuses on restorative justice, cultural competency, and housing, which are all interconnected. 

Dr. Paula McNutt - Dean of Arts and Sciences, St. Ambrose University

Paula’s commitment to serving Humility Homes and Services is largely because of its practice of “radical acceptance”—welcoming individuals and families at all stages of their journey.

Mary Rehmann, CHM - Finance Chair

As a retired legal aide and disability lawyer, Mary’s focus is on housing, health care and other benefits for people in need.

Rita L. Sterling - Army Gulf War Veteran

Rita’s passion is working with veterans and collaborating with other agencies to secure transitional and permanent housing for those experiencing homelessness.                           

Jeff vandecasteele - Retired, John Deere Finance Professional

Jeff joined the Board because of his belief in the vision of HHSI to help provide a home for every person.  He plans to support the HHSI team with his 36+ years of experience in Accounting/Finance.  


Administrative Team

Ashley Velez - Executive Director Christie Adamson - Assistant Director Stephanie Kieffer - Finance Director
John De Taeye - Director of Development
Ryan Bobst - Assistant Grant Manager
Sandy Dimmer - Project Development Coordinator

Support Staff

Patti Trapp - Volunteer Coordinator
Amie Pake - Property Manager Teresa Whitbeck - Administrative Assistant
Theresa Sack - Finance Assistant
Barb Cottrell - Finance Assistant
Fred Thomas - Safety Officer

property services

Terry Crawford
Joe Campbell Laurie Gibson

Housing Services Team

Wes Frenell - Housing Supervisor
Amy Allison - Service Coordinator
Jen Rummery - Service Coordinator
Jo Vasquez - Service Coordinator
Lauren Gustafson - Service Coordinator
Laurie Wilcox - Service Coordinator
Rebecca Wrage - Service Coordinator Jordan Strickland - Service Coordinator

Veteran Services Team

Blair Brown - Veteran Services Supervisor
Kerri Carpenter - Service Coordinator
Mica Frandsen - Service Coordinator Tyrrannie Thomas - Service Coordinator

Shelter Services Team

Michelle Plasschaert - Shelter Supervisor
Chris Dunn - Housing Specialist
Christina Johnson - Housing Specialist
Michael Gayman - Housing Specialist
Kara Gebel - Housing Specialist
Michele Henriksen - Lead Shelter Monitor
Bryan Cotton - Shelter Monitor
Dave McMillen - Shelter Monitor
Fabiane Holland - Shelter Monitor
Jennifer Bertleloth - Shelter Monitor
Larry Cook - Shelter Monitor
Mona Wilkerson - Shelter Monitor
Tammy West - Shelter Monitor
Teresa Fitzgerald - Wilcox-Shelter Monitor
Tyrrannie Thomas - Shelter Monitor Cliff Wahl - Shelter Monitor Bailey Van Hoe - Shelter Monitor Dan Beguelin - Shelter Monitor