Stacy's Story

Stacy, a mother of two children, and a 12 year US Veteran, found herself in a tough situation a few months ago. Being in a five year relationship that had suddenly turned physically violent, she knew she needed to flee the situation to keep herself and daughters safe. For a month or so Stacy found herself “couch surfing” between relatives homes. Stacy knew that she had to make a change and her first step was to reach out to the community to see what resources were out there.

Stacy values her service years in the military. She traveled all over the world including Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. “I am proud that I was able to provide Americans a sense of peace and help advance America’s strength and values across the world,” Stacy says.

Stacy continues, “Now that I need help, I hope Americans will continue to keep an open mind to people like me in tough situations,” Stacy continues.  Fortunately, I found Humility Homes through the VA and other community programs.”

Stacy is a loving mother of two daughters. Her oldest, a sophomore at a local high school, is maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and plays volleyball for her high school team. Her youngest daughter is just 8 months old.

Now that she and her family are safe in a HHSI transitional housing program for Veteran’s and their families, Stacy has returned to college and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. Stacy is looking forward to “helping people the way Humility has helped me.”