A Tribute to Sandy

Working at Humility of Mary Housing was never just a job for Sandy Dimmer. For Sandy, working with families and children has been a vocation and a ministry.

Sandy and her wife Maria, and daughter, Pearl are moving to Decorah later this summer. We thank Sandy for sharing 19 years of her life with Humility of Mary Housing and Humility Homes and Services.

Since May 2000, Sandy has assisted hundreds of families’ transition through the unpredictable and unsettling experiences of being without a home to a much better place…a place they can call home.

Sandy reflects, “There is no better feeling than opening a door for a family, having their kids run in excited…looking at the different rooms… deciding which room is theirs.” There is also relief for the parents when they finally have a place to call their home. Sandy comments, “You can see the stress and burden washing off the parents when they walk through the door, filled with joy. When parents are stressed and scared, their children feel it. When those are lifted, everyone in the family benefits.”

Even after attaining a stable home, Sandy was there for families as they wrestled with the lingering insecurities and haunting trauma associated with being homeless. Sandy remembers, “At first, some children don’t want to leave their rooms. They are so overjoyed to have a room, even a bed of their own.” Gradually, the child’s sense of security grows and the confidence that their bed will still be there when they come home.

Sandy attended catholic schools from kindergarten through high school, graduating from Dubuque Wahlert. Her sense of doing for others was grounded early in her life in the “Volunteers in Progress” program and other service learning opportunities. Sandy volunteered on various projects to bring comfort to the lonely and happiness to those who may have felt lost.  

After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa, Sandy grew in her profession as a social worker. She dedicated herself to creating opportunities for people to “become the best version of themselves.” She believes a stable home is the foundation to realizing who we are and what we can become. 

Sandy’s legacy with HHSI lies within the hundreds of lives she has touched and the difference they have gone on to make in other people’s lives.

Sandy, we will miss you. Thank you for all you have done for our community.