QC Times Reporter Linda Cook reflects on the “newly empowered” at the Sixth Annual Have a Heart for the Homeless Luncheon.

Thank you to our 140 guests and our guest speaker QC Times reporter Linda Cook for supporting this year’s luncheon.  The Have a Heart for the Homeless Luncheon is a joint fundraiser and community building opportunity with Christian Care in Rock Island and Humility Homes and Services. 

Linda recently returned from a trip to Santa Monica, CA (one of the epicenters of the affordable housing crisis in the US) and described her interactions with persons experiencing homelessness on the street of Santa Monica.  “Over and over, I saw people step around those without a place to stay, simply going about their business, often talking on their phones, looking and walking past them.”  Linda shared that one business owner said “they” are bad for business. 

Linda contrasted Santa Monica’s response to the care, compassion, commitment and the passion for justice that we have in the Quad Cities.  “I am so proud to live in the Quad Cities, where instead of looking away, we reach out a hand to our neighbors in need”, Linda said. 

We are proud to partner with our colleagues at Christian Care in co-hosting the annual luncheon.  We can end homelessness in the Quad Cities through partnerships like the one we have with Christian Care, the hundreds of individual supporters and our corporate sponsors including:  Bush Construction, DeLeon Thompson, Royal Neighbors of America Chapter 20035, Hammar & Associates, MindFire Communications, Nikulski Financial, and St. Mary’s Catholic Church Ladies Altar Society. 


John De Taeye