Traffic calming lights installed in Shelter neighborhood protect participants

A set of flashing STOP signs creates a calmer intersection at this busy pedestrian crossing.

A set of flashing STOP signs creates a calmer intersection at this busy pedestrian crossing.

We’re pleased that new flashing red lights are installed and in action on the stop signs at the 6th Street, Vine Street and Ash Street intersection of the Central Community Circle neighborhood. We’re particularly grateful to Alderman Marion Meginnis, Alderman Kyle Gripp, Davenport Public Works Director Nicole Gleason and Brian Schadt of the Davenport Public Works Department for their collaborative work on making our neighborhood more pedestrian friendly. The City of Davenport is continuing to consider methods to calm traffic and protect public safety at this difficult intersection.

Humility of Mary has a lively presence in the neighborhood, as it’s the location of our Shelter, several apartments of permanent and temporary housing, and our Fresh Start Corner Closet

This intersection bears heavy pedestrian traffic because the Café on Vine, the Corner Closet and the CCC Food Pantry located directly on three of the corners with an Ecumenical Housing Development Group apartment building on another. During two nonconsecutive morning hours last October, a neighborhood observer counted 158 pedestrian crossings. Traffic calming lights make a difference, neighbors are reporting.

Traffic calming lights are one component in creating a safe environment that promotes neighborhood stability and housing. John De Taeye, Humility of Mary Director of Development, interfaced with city officials to draw attention to this neighborhood’s need. John says, “Neighborhood safety is key to neighborhood stability. And with neighborhood stability we can generate more homes for persons and families of all income levels and abilities.”

Mary Humility