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On any given day 300 children, single adults, Veterans and their families, are participating in housing services offered through Humility Homes and Services. You can help bring cheer and warmth to their holiday season. Please bring your donations to Humility Homes and Services, 3805 Mississippi Ave., Davenport, between 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

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Growing problem of homelessness costs the QC more money (Part 1/3)

The growing problem of homelessness is costing the Quad Cities.    

Here's a snapshot of that: 

  • Humility Homes and Services says it costs them about $60 to house someone in their shelter overnight. 

  • It takes about $40 to put that person in transitional housing.

  • It takes about $45 to help them maintain permanent housing.

But how do people end up at shelters in the first place? And why does it seem to take so long for them to find their way out?

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Mary Humility
'We're homeless, not hopeless.' Local 4 investigates ... (Part 2/3)

Local 4 news is investigating the growing challenge of homelessness across the Quad Cities. 

Managers of the largest shelter in the area say it's a growing issue. 

We obtained the most recent data from Humility Homes and Services. 

It shows there were 13,812 overnight shelter stays between July and March of 2017. 

That jumped to 14,714 during the same period of this year. 

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Mary Humility
Reach out to a US Veteran who has no QC home

We’re commemorating Veterans Day on Friday – Sunday, November 11 and  Monday, November 12.  Humility Homes and Services offers housing and supportive services for 25 Veterans and their children through our Veterans Accessing Long Term Opportunities and Resources (VALOR) Program and 13 Veterans at our Shelter.  We pray for the safety and well-being of all current members of the armed services and their families.

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Traffic calming lights installed in Shelter neighborhood protect participants

We’re pleased that new flashing red lights are installed and in action on the stop signs at the 6th Street, Vine Street and Ash Street intersection of the Central Community Circle neighborhood. We’re particularly grateful to Alderman Marion Meginnis, Alderman Kyle Gripp, Davenport Public Works Director Nicole Gleason and Brian Schadt of the Davenport Public Works Department for their collaborative work on making our neighborhood more pedestrian friendly. The City of Davenport is continuing to consider methods to calm traffic and protect public safety at this difficult intersection.

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Mary Humility