Update from Ashley Velez, Executive Director

With the start of July each year, we are reminded of a few things including the warm summer sun, children out on summer break, our rising river - -  and here at Humility Homes and Services, we begin our new fiscal year. The new fiscal year - - fiscal year 2020 - - marks the 30th anniversary since the Congregation of Humility of Mary established Humility of Mary Housing. Please watch out for events throughout the year recognizing the three decades of service.

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Susan Schwartz
Stacy's Story

Stacy, a mother of two children, and a 12 year US Veteran, found herself in a tough situation a few months ago. Being in a five year relationship that had suddenly turned physically violent, she knew she needed to flee the situation to keep herself and daughters safe. For a month or so Stacy found herself “couch surfing” between relatives homes. Stacy knew that she had to make a change and her first step was to reach out to the community to see what resources were out there.

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Invisible victims: Warmer weather, flooding threaten the homeless in Davenport

When river water rushed into apartments and businesses in downtown Davenport after a temporary flood wall failed April 30, it made national news. As the Mississippi River rose to a record crest, many of the affected individuals found themselves the source of media attention as people were eager to hear their stories and learn how they could help.

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