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Josiah's Story: Celebrating an Anniversary

On May 10 Josiah will celebrate one year of being in his own home. Josiah has schizophrenia.  For many, the disease can have debilitating impacts on relationships with family and friends.  According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, approximately 1% of the US population lives with schizophrenia - - - while nearly 20% of the population experiencing homelessness suffers from the disease. 

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Grant's Story: A Seminarian Volunteers at Humility

This past December I made the decision to take a semester off from my studies at Mundelein Seminary. My Vocation Director suggested that a good place for me to spend part of my time would be at Humility Homes and Services in their Fresh Start Donation Center. I have been volunteering here part-time since January and the last week of April will be my last at Humility Homes.

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