Grant's Story: A Seminarian Volunteers at Humility

This past December I made the decision to take a semester off from my studies at Mundelein Seminary. My Vocation Director suggested that a good place for me to spend part of my time would be at Humility Homes and Services in their Fresh Start Donation Center. I have been volunteering here part-time since January and the last week of April will be my last at Humility Homes.

Working in the Fresh Start Donation Center has been a great learning experience for me. Helping others in their bodily needs is part of the very fabric of the priesthood and that is precisely the kind of work that takes place daily at Humility Homes. We are all called to such charitable acts, acts the Church calls the Corporal Works of Mercy. Humility Homes and Services strives to live out one of these essential corporal works: shelter the homeless. During my time here I’ve learned that an individual may experience homelessness for several reasons. They may be unable to afford housing, unable to find work, they may be going through personal hardship, or they may have a steady job but still find themselves in poverty. Therefore, opportunities such as Humility Homes and Services’ housing program is often a first step toward healing for many experiencing homelessness.

I’ve also had the opportunity this semester to work at the Corner Closet. This has been a humbling experience for me. Working with those experiencing homelessness face to face has shown me how much I take the little things for granted. Things like a toothbrush or a box of Kleenex. Taking the time to donate even a small amount of these items can be the difference for those who need them the most. I’ve enjoyed my time at Humility Homes and I’m grateful for the experience I’ve received while volunteering here. I’m certain that it will bear fruit during my time in seminary and (God willing) the priesthood.


Grant Colborn

Seminarian, Diocese of Davenport