Outreach Navigators will identify most at risk

Last month the QC Housing Cluster announced the five year strategy to gradually reduce the demand for the Quad Cities' only emergency winter overflow shelter. A key component of the strategy is an Outreach Team that will work intensively during the winter months - - and year round. The purpose of the Outreach Team is to identify persons and families living in dangerous situations on the streets and elsewhere and connect them to services and housing opportunities - - as quickly as possible.
HHSI is pleased to introduce Chris Dunn and Dan Beguelin as our Outreach Navigators. Chris and Dan bring years of experience and street credibility to their work and deep passion for justice. They have established strong connections with police departments, library staffs, emergency departments and local business partners on both sides of the river.

The winter shelter opens on December 1. Last year, the shelter served 386 persons over the 133 days the shelter was open (December 1, 2018 - April 13, 2019) With the Outreach Team fully operational and robust service coordination, the community goal is to reduce the winter shelter population by 5% this winter and 10% reduction each of the subsequent years.

Sarah Pagliuzza