Ricky's Story

If there is one thing I want people to know about me it is that I am all about dignity, love and goodness. 

Before I got my own place through Humility Homes and Services I spent about 10 years living on the streets. I went through a bad separation and ended up moving back to Davenport. 

I stayed in hotels for a while, but that got too expensive and eventually I just ran out of money. Being outside led to finding my way to downtown bars and that led to addiction. I worked for most of my life and was also sober for most of my life, but once I became homeless it got harder and harder for me to find work. 

I got connected with a Service Coordinator at Humility because one of my best friends was in the Permanent Housing Program until he passed away. 

The staff at Humility were always offering me assistance and eventually I decided to take it. 

I moved in to my own apartment in August and honestly I haven't really adjusted yet. It still feels unreal, but one of the things that is important about Humility Home's programs is that they expect you to fulfill your own expectations and not the expectations of the program. They want you to do better for you, and not to just fit into a box of ideals. 

I am trying to help support Humility Homes and Services by being a voice for participants and reminding people that there is help. 5 years from now, where do I want to be? I just want to be alive, alive and helping other people make some progress.