Comments from the 10th Anniversary of the Shelter

On behalf of the team at Humility Homes and Services I wanted to thank you for your ongoing commitment to those in our community without a home. And more than anything today, I am reminded why so many of us chose to support this work, some with volunteering, others with financial contributions and a lot of us with our chosen careers. The people that we serve through the shelter and in all of our programs have an unwavering resilience in the face of the most scary and challenging part of their lives. Their stories of courage, strength and commitment to finding a path to stable housing reminds all of us how much stronger our community is when those with the least are helped first. Homelessness in our community should be a rare occurrence and brief for anyone who experiences it. Humility Homes and Services believe that we can reach this goal and effectively end homelessness for our neighbors, friends, family. We look forward to the next 10 years with the same courage, commitment and resilience our participants have taught us.   

Christie AdamsonComment