In Our Own Voices: Chris

The following was written by Chris, who lives in one of our Single Room Occupancy apartments.

Homelessness can be a rough life and has been over the last twenty years of my life. But in different ways it can be a rewarding life too. Getting one with God’s nature, opening up your heart and eyes to surroundings of God’s nature and beauty He put in front of us. 

  Whether it’s rescuing a baby wood duck from the river or sitting on a bench and watching a tree branch fly off, then I looked again. It was a grey stork perched on the trashcan by the tree or walking along in the winter time seeing snow spiders dance in a circle on the frozen ground or just sitting at the prayer table outside the center and having talks with God.

  Making yourself a flintstones home on the Mississippi river in Rock Island. God provided everything, just had to work hard. They are probably still wondering how I moved a twelve foot sidewalk down the hill.

  Homelessness is a very hard life to live but having a place to live is even better. I can get up in the morning and make a pot of coffee and it will be done by 8am. Just push the switch and coffee will be done.

  Being homeless, you chopped the wood, get the coffee pot on when the fire is finally going, then coffee will be done by noon. Now all I have to do is turn on the stove and the burners light. No more chopping wood to cook something to eat. 

  A nice soft bed to lay my head to fall asleep instead of laying on the cold hard ground and sometimes rain will get you all wet.

  I have a fridge to keep my food in and not a cooler to have spoiled milk kept in.

  Now I live upstairs to lay my head to stay dry and warm.